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Amber Hour gets people out trying different places and exploring beyond their same ol’ local pub. Australia has an incredible craft beer, spirits and cider scene and we want to encourage more people to get around it. Further to this, Amber Hour serves as an additional opportunity for breweries, distilleries, cideries and other crafty venues to reach a wider audience and pull in additional sales.

It’s super easy to become an Amber Hour Member! Download the Amber Hour App and ‘Subscribe’ to access Premium content. We have two membership options: 1 month and 12 months. Memberships are auto-renewable, so you don’t have to worry about extending your membership if you are loving the experience.

Amber Hour Premium Members get 6 drink credits per month to use at Crafters all around the country, as well as other exclusive perks, giveaways and events (T&Cs apply). Better yet, invite a friend for even more benefits!

To make changes to your membership, head to the ‘Account’ tab in the Amber Hour App.

Being an Amber Hour Crafter is super easy. There are no fees or lock-in contracts required and no need for any additional systems or technical equipment.

When an Amber Hour Member visits your venue to redeem a drink credit, they are entitled to 1 complimentary drink per month (refer to the ‘What drinks can Member’s redeem’ question above).

The Member will need to access their account via our App and show your bar staff that they have their redemption confirmation screen under your venue’s name. The Member’s drink credits will reduce by 1 and the Crafter is removed from their list of available locations until their drink credits reset after 30 days, allowing Members to redeem at venues they redeemed at the month prior.

We’ll set up your Crafter profile on our website and App. We simply ask that you help inform your bar staff of how our partnership works (we will supply a guide you can share with them).

NOTE: Members can redeem once per month at any Crafter. All redemptions are tracked through our system and we report how many were redeemed at every venue each month. In addition, Members are restricted from redeeming credits within 2 hours of each other, encouraging them to remain at a Crafter to make additional purchases.

Other benefits of being an Amber Hour Crafter include exclusive promotion across Amber Hour’s platforms and the ability to host events for Members.

If you would like to become a Crafter, send us a message via any of our social media channels, or flick us an email to [email protected].

  1. Jump on the Amber Hour App and use the ‘Explore’ tab to find a Crafter (ie – official Amber Hour craft venue).
  2. Once at a venue, select their Crafter profile and hit ‘Grab a drink!’. Once you are ready, confirm your redemption and show bar staff the confirmation screen.
  3. Grab your complimentary drink and enjoy! Don’t forget to support the venue by making additional purchases and if you had a great time, let them know.
  4. Follow Amber Hour on our socials (@amberhour.app) to stay updated on new Crafter announcements as well as any special deals, giveaways, or events.
  5. Get your mates on board so you can redeem your credits together!

Brewery/Cidery: 1 schooner size or equivalent from the brewery’s core range

Craft Beer Bar/Restaurant: 1 schooner from the venue’s Aussie range

Distillery: 1 mixed drink (i.e. gin and tonic)

Some Crafters, however, choose to offer outside of these guidelines. We recommend asking bar staff what you can redeem.

Your drink credits refresh every 30 days. If you join on the 14th of the month, your credits will reset to 6 on the 14th the next month. If you join on the 30th or 31st, you may see some slight variation depending on how many days are in a given month.

If you can’t remember your start date, you can look it up in the Amber Hour App by heading to the ‘Account’ tab. Within ‘Drink & venue history’ you will see when your next renewal is due, which will coincide with your drink credits resetting.

If you are still unsure, send us an email to [email protected].

Members can redeem one credit per venue, per month. Once your credits reset after 30 days, you are welcome to return to your favourite Crafters and redeem once again.

Members are also limited to redeeming once every two hours. This is to encourage Members to remain at a Crafter to enjoy the experience, rather than bar-hopping to get free drinks.

Amber Hour is built on the premise of pushing people out of their routines, and getting them to try new things. We want our Members to use all their credits over the course of the month, but not rush out and burn them all up in one hazy, hard-to-remember night.

We believe craft drinks are best enjoyed in a relaxed social setting where you get to have a fun time out with your family or a session with your mates whilst trying different craft beer, spirits and cider along the way. We also want to encourage people to branch out from their usual stops and try many of the places that contribute to Australia’s trendy and exciting craft booze scene.

To achieve this, we maintain certain limitations on our credit redemptions, both to help keep our Crafters from being overrun and to encourage our Members to get out and try different places, support Crafters by purchasing an additional drink or food after redeeming their complimentary bevvy, and, of course, to drink responsibly.

Credits can be redeemed at any time during regular opening hours at an Amber Hour Crafter, but not at special events off site, such as craft beer festivals.

Firstly, you will need to be an Amber Hour Premium Member to get access to drink credits and be able to redeem. To do this, simply hit ‘Subscribe’ on the Home page.

Secondly, are you trying to redeem a credit at a Crafter you’ve already redeemed at during your current 30-day membership cycle? If so, you’ll need to wait for your credits to reset. Members can redeem once per month at any Crafter venue.

Thirdly, have you redeemed in the last 2 hours? You can only redeem once per 2 hours, encouraging you to stick around and support the Crafters.

Lastly, have you already used up your drink credits for the month? Your credits will reset every 30 days. You can check when your credits will renew in the Account page under ‘Drink & venue history’.

Still having issues? Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll have a look as soon as we can!

We are often adding new Crafters to our app, so the first step would be to fully close your app and reopen it. All new Crafters should now be displayed. If not, try updating in the app store or reinstalling the app.

Still not working for you? No worries, just send us an email at [email protected].

You can cancel your membership through your Google Pay or Apple Pay subscriptions.

Once you have subscribed as an Amber Hour Premium Member, you can manage your subscription through your Google and Apple subscriptions. Within the Amber Hour App, you can check when your drink credits reset, which will closely align with your renewal date. Head to the ‘Account’ tab and within ‘Drink & venue history’ you will see the date of your credit reset.

No, each Amber Hour membership is tied to a specific person and cannot be shared between couples, families, or friends.

Absolutely! We strive to encourage our Members to check out Crafters when travelling interstate in areas where Amber Hour is active.

We look forward to having a positive impact on local tourism with the goal of operating in all Aussie states and territories.

We can’t guarantee Members will stay and spend money, but we know the majority of people typically purchase more than one drink while at a venue. Feedback from our Crafters thus far has been positive and we strive to encourage a respectful community between our Members and Crafters.

In addition, we target a spending-orientated audience, not deal-seekers. Our marketing and business model support this approach, including the limitation of not allowing Members to redeem credits within two hours of each other, encouraging them to stay at your venue for longer.

Once a Member redeems a credit at your venue, their drink credits reduce by 1 and the option to redeem through your Crafter profile is removed. There is also a time stamp listed on each credit redemption, deterring Members from taking a screenshot of a redeemed credit.

Members' credits reset every 30 days and the option to redeem becomes available again.

Definitely! If Amber Hour isn’t right for you, then no worries. Just give us a call and let's chat about it.

Definitely not! Although we are pleased to have many breweries across Australia on our platform, we also have plenty of distilleries, cideries and other venues where you can enjoy a variety of craft drinks, including cocktails.